Tarmac Restoration

Tarmacadam surfaces whether residential or commercial are not maintenance free as the weather conditions combined with the suns UV rays act to dry out the surface and bleach the colour.

Many tarmac surfaces have been in place for decades and property owners often feel that there only resolution is to have the surface removed and replaced or maybe the site skimmed over with a new layer.

In many cases Smartsdriveways is able to initiate a restoration programme that leaves you with a transformed and new looking surface for a limited financial outlay.

A considerable amount of tarmac surfaces have substantial oil leaks and we can apply an oil removal agent specifically for tarmacadam surfaces that will effectively treat and remove the oil stain, we have treated many commercial parking areas that have suffered with heavy traffic use and associated problems with unsightly and slippery oil leaks.

Care has to be taken when cleaning tarmac surfaces as the surface is susceptible to excessive pressure in most cases we will use our rotary headed cleaner to eliminate any risk or additional break up of the surface or reduce the water pressure and conduct a lance clean taking great care to remove all moss,algae and dirt.

Once the cleaning has been completed we can carry out any repairs to the surface filling cracks and relaying areas that have been displaced.

To complete the work we will use a revolutionary product from Smartseals extensive range called Tarmaseal™. This is a specific tarmac product that is applied to the surface to reintroduce the lost resins, reduce the risk of fragmentation and visually improve the colour of the existing surface. Tarmaseal™ is available in Black,Red and Green so we can also refurbish and recolour tennis courts and other tarmacadam sites that have coloured tarmac.

If you are looking for a contractor in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge or London to clean, repair and recolour your tarmac surface then call us on on 0800 2289155 or complete the online form and we will call you to arrange a FREE no obligation quotation.

I can clean your tarmac driveway in Cambridge, Peterborough, Norwich, Kings Lynn, Harlow, Enfield and Cheshunt.

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Tarmac Restoration image
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